At Loxahatchee Vintage Strings we care about our customers. The highest form of flattery is a referral.

I think you carry superior instruments and you definitely have the best prices around! I always appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm for placing a person with their perfect instrument. I will continue to send people your way!!!

Christal Prout


I just received my new Scott Cao STV850 copy of the Paganini Guarnerius. What a beauty! This will add nicely to my collection of Tarisios. Both the Tarisio and the Cao have a rich sound and the capability to bring out the subtle nuances in each type of bowing stroke.

I must compliment you on your advice and professional service which were on target once again, all this in addition to your great prices. I will definitely be back. Please feel free to use me as a reference for have any
of your customers.

With best wishes

George has been very helpful, honest and hard working in getting me the right violin. The violin that I finally ended up getting was a Scott Cao 750, which has a superb construction and a very refined tone. George has a very good price on all Scott Cao violins, if not the best. I won't hesitate to send anyone to him and I will definitely buy from him again. Great and honest service !

You can give my name to anyone looking for referrals on your shop or the Cao violin.

Yiu-Ming L.

Hello George. I like the new face on your website and hope it serves you well. I will be referring to it often as I know you cannot be bettered when it comes to bang for the buck.

To anyone who sees this and who is looking to buy an instrument, bow, or accessories, I urge you to do yourself a favor and check back to George's webpage. I have been a satisfied customer from the very first purchase, which was a couple of years ago. I started by getting a Codabow. I was interested in getting a carbon fiber and I knew that Codas had a good reputation so, basically, I was simply looking for the best price I could find. No one came close to beating George's price on the Coda Colours I decided to buy. Since then, I have bought 2 violins, a viola, and a cello from him. I have been more than satisfied with every instrument. Two of the violins I bought were Scott Cao's. I couldn't even buy directly from Scott Cao for the low price that George had quoted me. I can't see how one can do better for quality, price, and dependability than at LVStrings. George has treated me right and I don't mind telling people he's "tops" in my book.

Glenn Civello


I am really enjoying my L. Tarisio violin. I still can't believe how much sound I get out of an instrument this light. Overall, this instrument is everything you said it would be, there were no surprises.

I originally contacted you because of your excellent reputation on the internet violin boards. I enjoyed reading your posts, and was impressed with how many people posted glowing reports about what a pleasure you were to deal with. I was also impressed that you could sell Scott Cao instruments cheaper than Scott Cao was quoting. I am not an easy customer, and I really appreciate the extra effort you took to discuss the different instruments you handle, send me pictures, and finally arrange for an instrument that had the single piece maple back that I wanted. I have a really beautiful instrument that sounds great, better than I anticipated, for a price I could not match elsewhere.

Thanks for keeping in contact with me, it's nice to know that your customer care and concern did not end with the sale.



I want to thank you again for the great service on the purchase of our violin outfit. Purchasing a violin for the first time is a daunting experience. After some initial research I eventually came to the conclusion that I would have to set a budget and choose an individual to trust in guiding me towards the right instrument.

We are completely pleased with the Scott Cao / Coda outfit we received from you, the process of working with you and the price paid. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for an excellent instrument at a fair price.

Dick Kaehler

I just wanted to drop you a note. It has been about 9 months since we purchased the Tarisio Model violin from you with a bow and case. The instrument has been an inspiration to my son. His teacher continues to marvel at the quality for the price. Thanks again. And, if anyone asks you for a reference, feel free to give my e-mail address and name to them.

Roy A. Donkin

I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed purchasing my new Cao violin from George. From the customer service George provided me, to the arrival of the violin, I am one very happy customer.

I have to admit that I was skeptical purchasing a violin over the Internet without playing it first. I mean, the only other purchase I've made over $1,000. was the down payment for my car, and I got to test drive that first!

I knew I wanted a Cao violin, and I've had my heart set on the STV-800 model for quite some time. An Internet friend of mine purchased one from George several years ago, and he couldn't say enough good things about it. George followed up my email inquiry with a phone call, and within the first 30 seconds of talking with him, he put my mind at ease. I told George what I was looking for in a new violin, that I wanted the STV-800, but based on my description of what I was looking for in tone and appearance George talked me into an STV-750 model, which was cheaper than the 800 I was looking at.

After making my selection, and adding a Coda bow to the order, George and I talked and emailed each other just about every day until my new violin arrived. It was absolutely beautiful, and my playing improved greatly from the moment I touched bow to strings. It was as if George read my mind and knew without a doubt what I wanted. The violin and string selection were perfect, and the entire experience was beyond my expectations. The violin is wonderful.

My violin instructor was equally pleased with my choice. Overall, I am very happy with the service and products I received from George. And if you are in the market for a Cao violin, you will not find any better pricing, not even from Mr. Cao himself! I have no doubt that I will refer Loxahatchee Vintage Strings, and the Cao violins, to anyone who asks. Trust me, if you are looking to purchase an instrument over the Internet, is the only URL you will need. And I don't say that lightly.

Pam J.
Tucson, Arizona


We are glad to announce the arrival of the Scott Cao violin. It arrived today in perfect condition. The STV500A sounds great. My son is very happy and is looking forward to joining the orchestra school here in Lucerne this week. We really can recommend shopping at Loxahatchee Vintage Strings Thank you very much.
Greetings from Lucerne (Switzerland)

Theo von Hoesslin

Thanks George!

I am now a proud owner of the Scott Cao 750 'Soil' Strad. I want to thank you for your excellent service and advice during my purchase. As a new buyer I was a bit overwhelmed. After deciding on the Scott Cao and speaking with you, I bought it that day.I have no hesitation in recommending you, and you are more than welcome to use me as a reference. Your customer support and service is unequaled. Every question I had, you responded to promptly and clearly!

Robert Miller


I recieved the violin today. I am amazed how much better it is than I had expected. The upgraded case is really nice. I could not have picked one out by hand any nicer. The tone is perfect and I cant beleive the volume I can get out of it. You did a great job for me and will get my business in the future. I would be glad for you to use me as a reference any time.
Thanks very much,
Scott Coombs

Dear Mr. Behary,
I am finally getting around to letting you know how wonderful everyone thinks this violin we purchased thru you is! My daughter just loves it and her violin lesson teacher was very impressed too! She showed it to some of her other students. Also my daughter's orchestra teacher also thought it was very nice. There certainly is a lot of difference in the sound compared to her other violin. She finally can get the volume that her orchestra teacher wants from her. Thank you for your help with finding a great violin!

Myron, Elaine and Rocki Lueders.


First, I should mention how impressed I am with the perfect surprise that you and my husband cooked up for new bow! When you included a bow with my violin purchase, I thought maybe it was a mistake. My husband really pulled the wool over my eyes when he had another bow delivered to my work place!

As requested, I thought I should also give you the feedback from my instructor from last night. Angela couldn't wait to take my new violin and bow for a "test drive". She inspected it very closely and at first said it was "a very nice violin." At first I think she was concerned that I spent too much. When I asked her "how nice was this "nice violin"?", she said that it is better than her second-best violin that she uses in teaching at the music studio. She had once said she would not part with her second-best, hand-made violin for less than $1,400. She also mentioned that she could see why I preferred my da Salo model to the others, as the Strad evolved for a listeners in a large hall and how the Da Salo was earlier and different. The long and the short of it was that she thought I had somehow managed to find a great violin for me. A little smaller size (good, as I am smaller), great middle and low (exactly), and nice sweet highs (not the brain-piercing Strad-ringing notes that kill me). And the very best part is that if there are ever problems with my violin in future, I can drive 20 miles south and talk things over with the people in Scott Cao's Campbell workshop.

What a deal! So, thanks again for your invaluable help on this purchase. It was so frustrating to try to take my first lessons and be held back every week by the instrument itself.

Carol Iwamoto

Hi George and Debbie,

After almost a week with our new Scott Cao 1/4 size STV-017A violin outfit we are loving this violin. From the beautiful pegs, chin rest, and flaming to the "big", clear, sound with ringing strings.... it is lovely. We have been taking Suzuki violin lessons for almost 5 years and I am curious why this violin has never been recommended until now.
Thank you so much for your help and your excellent service.

Charlotte Davis